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There is nothing more practical
than a good theory.
(Kurt Lewin)
My research interests are inference and learning algorithms for multivariate and structured distributions that model real world data. In this area, conditional random fields, structured support vector machines and deep learning are important techniques to extract information from data. I focus on distributed algorithms for high performance computing environments, extracting information from weakly- and un-labeled data, and structured prediction algorithms working with data from multiple modalities. 3D scene understanding is an important application for all three areas.

I am currently working with Prof. Ruslan Salakhutdinov and Prof. Raquel Urtasun as a postdoc within the machine learning group at University of Toronto, Computer Science department.

In 2014 I completed my PhD under supervision of Prof. Marc Pollefeys, Prof. Tamir Hazan and Prof. Raquel Urtasun within the Computer Vision and Geometry (CVG) group of the computer science department of ETH Zurich (ETHZ).

I got my Diploma (Master) majoring in electrical engineering with a focus on signal processing from Technical University of Munich (TUM).
I am greateful for support by
  • The NIPS foundation for providing a NIPS 2015 travel grant
  • The anonymous ICML area chairs supporting my ICML 2015 reviewer award
  • Re.Work providing the opportunity to talk at the Deep Learning Summit:

  • The CVPR 2015 organization committee for granting the CVPR 2015 Young Researcher Support
  • My thesis Committee, external referees and ETH Zurich for awarding my PhD thesis with an ETH medal
  • The NIPS foundation for providing a NIPS 2014 travel grant
  • The Fields Institute for awarding a Fields Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • NVIDIA Corp. donating a Tesla K40 GPU for our research
Some of the algorithms I coded as C/C++ libraries which could also be useful for your research:
Professional Service
Besides reviewing for journals I supported the following conferences and workshops.
  • Program Committee: UAI 2015, AAAI 2015, GMCV 2014, GMSU 2013, EMMCVPR 2013, UAI 2012
  • Reviewing: AISTATS 2016, NIPS 2015, ICCV 2015, ICML 2015, CVPR 2015, EMMCVPR 2015, NIPS 2014, ECCV 2014, NIPS 2013, ICCV 2013, CVPR 2013, NIPS 2012
  • Tutorial: ICCV 2015
Contact Information
Dept of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON, M5S 3G4

Phone: +1 416 946 0857
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